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B. a 3 y.o. little boy with a history of frequent, severe chest infections, and associated diarrhoea and vomiting. He had to be admitted to hospital numerous times and had been taking antibiotics for a few months. B also has chronic allergies, suffering from constant sinus congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and a red rash around his mouth and torso. His digestive function was very poor, with frequent diarrhoea. Development of his cognitive and motor skills was affected by his constant ill health, and his general state of poor health was adversely affecting his whole family – especially his mother.

Treatment plan :Given this presentation, the treatment goals were:

  • To improve the young patient’s immune response, reduce the number and severity of his chest infections.
  • To actively support his gut function and repair the damage done by so many courses of antibiotics.
  • To generally improve his nutritional status and quality of life.

Over a six month period, dietary changes were implemented, primarily focussed on eliminating gluten- and dairy-containing foods. It took some trial and error to find supplements that the child would take.

Supplements : all powders and liquids to be disguised  in apple juice

-       Children’s multivitamins and minerals :1/2  tsp twice a day

-       Children’s immune support with specific herbs, slippery elm bark powder, zinc and vit C, to reduce catarrh and nasal congestion and soothe the bowels.

-       Cod liver oil: contains vit. D and A to support immune system, healthy tissue in upper respiratory tract

-        Children’s specific probiotics to reduce allergies and improve bowel flora.

-       Children’s Omega complex with high DHA ratio to support neurological development.

Clinical outcomes

After four weeks of treatment, the child had improved gastrointestinal function. The diarrhoea had stopped. The frequency of vomiting had decreased, allergy symptoms had decreased and he had recovered much quicker than usual from his latest respiratory infection. His co-ordination and alertness had also increased. He continued to improve and after six months of naturopathic treatment, he had his first month ever of no major infections, no hospital visits and no antibiotics.  Overall his health had improved dramatically.

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