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M., a 50 year old sales assistant presented with a history of urinary tract infections (UTIs), including a current UTI of five months duration. Her symptoms included low back pain, urinary urgency, digestive discomfort, exhaustion and emotional distress. In the preceding five months the patient had been prescribed three separate antibiotics with no resolution and the patient was diagnosed with antibiotic-resistant UTI.

Herbs and supplements:

  • Herbal support for urinary disturbance: Concentrate traditional herbs to relieve and manage urinary disturbances with sensations of pain and burning:
  • Cleavers along with Bearberry to support kidney and bladder health and enhance urinary waste elimination and supports the urinary elimination of waste, necessary in any infective situation for healing to occur
  • Lycopodium japonicum traditionally used as urinary astringent and antiseptic, making it ideal for relieving symptoms of urinary irritation.
  • Probiotics : L. Acidophilus, B lactis and L. Rhamnosus are indicated in recurrent infections to promote a good immune response
  • Therapeutic dose of vitamin C and zinc, fundamental for further support the immune system.
  • A high quality protein powder rich in glutamine to use in a smoothie will enhance white blood cell function, therefore improving resistance to urinary infections.

Diet and lifestyle recommendations:

  • To increase water intake to 2 litres a day with some pure cranberry juice without any sugar.
  • To eliminate coffee, teas and sugary drinks for 3 months as these stimulate the bladder.
  • To eliminate all irritating feminine products.
  • To wash thoroughly after every toilet use.



This protocol was implemented over 3 months. After 4 weeks, M. had a dramatic reduction in symptoms and by the end of the treatment there was no recurrence of the problem.