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  1. a 55-year-old personal assistant is presenting with heart palpitations.

Her doctor is saying it is caused by stress. After a good consultation in my clinic, my conclusions were the following:

  •  Excessive alcohol, caffeine and sugary treats intake
    •    Electrolyte imbalances (particularly deficiencies of potassium and magnesium)
    •    Relative deficiency of Ubiquinol: the sparkplug of every cell in our body.
    •    Hypoglycaemia: Hypoglycaemia is resulting from an imbalance of normal blood sugar levels. Hypoglycaemia presents with symptoms of hunger, palpitations, tremor and sweating.

Nutritional Consideration and Diet Recommendations

  • Reduce tea, coffee, alcohol and sugary treats
  • Increase consumption of vitamin B1, B12, folate, potassium, magnesium and calcium rich foods such as green leafy vegetables and nuts and seeds
  • Increase the intake of essential fatty acids, with fish oil supplements or by increasing fish in the diet
  • Taurine, potassium and magnesium supplementation to stabilise cell membranes and cardiac muscle contractility.
  • Ubiquinol : It increase tissue oxygenation. The heart and the liver have the highest level of Ubiquinol of any other organ.
  • Hawthorn tea: it modulates blood pressure and is a calming cardiotonic.
  • Pancreatic support with chromium, vanadium, inositol and lipoic acid. It will help stabilise the blood sugar levels and reduce the sugar cravings.

Three months of the above protocol has helped M. to regain her well-being feeling.

Christine Gozlan

B.H.Sc. Naturopathy

Dip. Herbal Medicine

Dip. Nutrition