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John, a 40 years old technician presents with excessive stress, worry, low energy, anxiety, irritability and insomnia. He had previous medications from his G.P. and is looking for a more natural solution.

First consultation:

The first priority is to nourish and support his nervous system and adrenals.

  • Nutrients: Formula with a high potency taurine, B vitamins, glycine and magnesium: Insufficient tissue levels of magnesium and other nutrients such as potassium and B vitamins decrease the ability to deal with stress.
  • Herbal formula with Rehmannia, American Ginseng and hops: American ginseng has been shown to prevent decreases in dopamine, noradrenalin and serotonin in times of stress and promote the calming effect of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain.
  • Exercise– will promote physical health and psychological health. In fact, many studies have linked inactivity to higher levels of anxiety. Exercise burns stress hormones, increases production of endorphins, relaxes muscles and much more.
  • Dietary Changes– To reduce refined sugars, fried foods, excess caffeine, excess alcohol which are all contributing to exacerbate anxiety symptoms.
  • Relaxation Techniques/Strategies

Some examples of these include deep breathing, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation (great for muscle tension), meditation, and many others.

Second consultation – 4 weeks later-

John feels happier, has more energy therefore has started a fitness program with his partner.

Some dietary changes have been implemented as well.

– High potency ultra pure Essential Fatty acids: Essential Fatty acids support neurotransmitter activity and are necessary for correct nervous system structure.

– The above protocol was reduced now to once a day.

–  Herbal teas of chamomile and passionflower to drink in the evening

Last consultation: 6 weeks later:  John reported feeling better, more energy and coping much better with his stressful job.


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