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Hormones are so challenging when imbalanced!


Linda is in her mid twenties and suspected with endometriosis by her G.P., however medical investigations cannot confirm. Very intense pain before periods, irregular cycles, fatigue and nausea are the main complaints.

Iron is prescribed by her G.P. but she is constipated now.

First consultation: to raise general well-being

  • A herbal iron tonic with a complex B and vit. C: helping raising the energy without side effect of constipation.
  • An herbal blend including Chaste Tree, St. Mary Thistle, Nettle Leaf, Codonopsis, and Licorice: to tone, regenerate and support the liver, to normalise hormonal status and tonify the blood.
  • Diet: a long list of suitable food and elimination of refined carbohydrates.

Second consultation: 4 weeks later

  • Energy levels have improved
  • No nausea present
  • Sleep is still poor

The same herbal formula is repeated and a blend of magnesium and potassium is added for relaxing muscles and nerves.

Third consultation 3 months later:

  • The menstrual cycles are now regular
  • The pain is greatly diminished and sometimes totally absent, depends on her diet.
  • Sleep is back to normal
  • Blood test shows serum iron increased to a good normal range to her G.P. satisfaction.

This simple but effective approach has helped Linda to resume  her happy life.


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