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Naturopathic case study: ADHD


L., a little girl, 6 years old has been diagnosed with ADHHD, sensory processing disorder and concentration issues. The food intolerance test is showing high reactivity to eggs, dairy and gluten. Her sleep is very poor and broken with nightmares.

She is under the care of a child psychologist. The doctor was ready to medicate the child but the parents decided on a naturopathic approach first.

 Treatment with supplements and herbs:

  • To implement dietary changes in line with food intolerance test
  • High Quality Omega 3 supplement specific for children rich in DHA: it improves child’s concentration and sleep.
  • To support brain and cognitive function with a combination of amino acids including Glycine, Leucine, Carnitine and Taurine, together with cofactors.
  • An herbal formula with Ginkgo, Brahmi, Green Oats and Gotu Kola as a brain tonic dispensed in drop form.
  • High strength multi strain, multi species probiotic formula to support gastrointestinal and general immune system health
  • Chewable multivitamin supplement for children providing essential vitamins and minerals

Treatment outcome nine months later

The child has responded extremely well to the dietary changes. Her teachers have praised her progress and she is excelling in her extracurricular reading class that she recently started. She is now able to stay focused throughout the day at school. Supplement dosages were increased a little recently as required when her mother noticed her focus and attention on homework and reading slipping a little.

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